4546 Main Street

Kansas City, MO 64111

phone 816.931.2342 fax 816.931.1859


5255 W 95th Street

Overland Park, KS 66207

phone 913.701.3009 fax 913.701.3008

There are two convenient options for parking:

Option 1 - street parking

Parking options are available in front of the building.

Park on Main Street in front of the building.

There is parking available on both the northbound

and southbound lanes of the street. 

Option 2 - parking lot behind building

There is large parking lot behind the building with plenty of spots labeled for "customers only" that are available for our patients. If you choose to park in this lot, you can either walk around to the front of the building to the sidewalk on Main street and follow it to our door, or you can enter through the back door of the Park Side Plaza building. The back door is in the center of the building and is labeled "Park Side Plaza Entrance". You will enter this door and go up one flight of stairs and then back outside through the glass doors and you will find yourself on the sidewalk on Main Street.

Our office is just to your left.

Country Club Plaza • 4546 Main Street • Kansas City, MO • 64111 • 816.931.2342

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Overland Park • 5255 W 95th Street • Overland Park, KS • 66207 • 913.701.3009